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Gynaecomastia is a common and often embarrassing condition in men.

Other terms such as “women-like breasts” and “man boobs” are used to describe this condition. There are several causes of Gynaecomastia including steroid use, certain drugs, marijuana, HIV, HIV medication, genetic disorders, endocrine disorders and many more. Most of the time there is an unknown cause for this condition. It is essential that a thorough assessment be done prior to embarking on Gynaecomastia Surgery. This may involve several blood tests and an assessment by a specialist endocrinologist.

Surgical treatment usually involves removal of the breast like tissue through a small incision made around the nipple. Liposuction is performed at the same time to even out the chest area. After the surgery, a small drain is inserted and a special pressure garment is worn for several weeks. Surgical correction of Gynaecomastia in the appropriate patient can significantly improve one’s self esteem and physical appearance.

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