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Dr. Mark Steinmann

Dr. Mark Steinmann

A warm and sincere welcome to my home page. Whether you are just browsing or have been referred by a friend, I can assure you that I will do my very best to match your expectations. The decision to have aesthetic surgery can be a daunting task. After treating thousands of patients just like you, I can promise you that you will always be treated as an individual with complete privacy and respect and together we will achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality. I have a specific passion and interest in breast aesthetic surgery and I will ensure that you get the very best surgical result. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Dr. Mark
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Professional Affiliations

Dr. Mark Steinmann is a full member of the Association of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of South Africa and is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation improves your physical appearance and several psychological studies confirm that a breast augmentation may enhance your self-esteem and quality of life if done for the correct reasons. There are several methods and devices available to enhance your breasts.

  • Based on my own personal experience and concerns, I prefer to use smooth surface and micro-textured round silicone implants.
  • I prefer to place these implants under the muscle using a dual-plane technique.
  • My preferred placement of the incision is in the natural breast crease of the breast. This heals extremely well and leaves the best scar in my opinion.

Using this methodology, I am confident that complications are minimized and your expectations are maximized, giving you the very best possible breast augmentation result.

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Breast Lift

A breast lift or breast ptosis correction is a surgical procedure that restores the breast and nipple back to it’s “normal” or youthful anatomical position following the effects of aging, weight loss and/or pregnancy. The breast is essentially “redraped” into a new position, often with the assistance of an implant to maximize breast shape and aesthetics.

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Breast Revision

It is recommended that implants are replaced every 10 to 15 years. I will always recommend that revision surgery be performed by your original plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, some patients may have had their surgery performed by an untrained doctor and occasionally revision surgery is necessary. Significant improvements can be achieved after having the correct revision type of surgery with Dr. Mark.

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Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is a procedure used to reduce the size of the breast. Not only is the size of the breast altered, but also the shape. A breast reduction can significantly improve self-esteem and confidence.

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Other Procedures

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