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Face-lift techniques have been modified and have improved considerably over the last few years. A face-lift is a powerful surgical tool to rejuvenate the face and to restore the effects of aging and gravity resulting in a more youthful appearance. The main areas that a face-lift will address are the neckline and “jowls”. Patients seeking a youthful smooth neck and jaw line are very good candidates for a face-lift.

The so-called non-invasive “liquid face-lift” promoted by certain practitioners is unfortunately not an alternative to those patients that would greatly benefit from a true surgical face-lift. The use of fillers, botox and chemical peel treatments can sometimes help to achieve the desired effects without committing to surgery and is often used in Dr. Mark’s practice depending on the problem.

A thorough examination by Dr. Mark will determine the best treatment for you. Dr. Mark firmly believes in a natural look when performing a face-lift, avoiding the so-called “wind-blown” or tightly pulled look. Each and every patient is unique in his her treatment.

Fat injections rich in stem cells and liposuction of the neck are common ancillary procedures performed at the same time of the procedure as an adjunct to restore fullness, contour and definition.

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