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A breast lift or breast ptosis correction is a surgical procedure that restores the breast and nipple back to it’s “normal” or youthful anatomical position following the effects of aging and/or pregnancy.

Dr. Mark, board certified plastic surgeon
There are varying degrees of Breast Ptosis or droopiness. These are related to the position of the nipple relative to the chest. During a breast lift procedure, very little breast tissue is removed, unless we elect to place an implant in the breast at the same time. I sometimes reduce the breast first to accommodate an implant and in order to achieve an improved overall breast shape.  The breast is “redraped” into a better shape in all breast lift procedures. If extra “fullness” or cleavage is required, then an implant may be inserted. The addition of a breast augmentation procedure combined with a breast lift procedure will be dependent on several factors, including those found during the examination.

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