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“Had a breast reduction done by Dr. Steinmann and very happy with the results. Would highly recommend him. Thanks for changing my life for the better!”

“The staff at Dr. Mark’s practice are phenomenal. They give you all the advice and support you need and really go the extra mile. This includes the 2 anesthetists, Will & Steve. There is attention to detail with get well soon gifts and vouchers as well as private rooms better than most 5 star hotels. Dr. Mark really listens to you to understand the desired results and offers valuable information about the procedure. He has a great bedside manner and if you are dissatisfied with anything, he will go out of his way to go the extra mile and assist you in achieving it. Sister Tammy is my favorite, she makes the entire experience bearable and soothes all your worries and concerns – especially if it is your first procedure. You can contact her day or night, send her photos and will even come and see you on a Sunday if need be. Overall fantastic experience and amazing results from Dr. Mark Steinmann’s team!”

“Doctor Mark and his staff made my necessary procedure very comfortable and were more than wonderful in every way! Great work on my facial scaring after my op, I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you!”

“I had breast augmentation just a few days ago. I’m extremely happy with the result and overwhelmed by Dr. Mark’s support as well as that of his team.”

“Dr Steinmann is definitely breaking new ground in the beauty industry. Not only is he a phenomenal doctor but really honest about his holistic approach. I went to go have botox and he suggested I rather invest in excellent home care products instead. My skin has never been better, I also have had a boob job and my results are everything I wanted and more. Highly recommend this doctor.”

“Thank you Dr. Mark Steinmann, you and your team are the best. I will definitely recommend you to everyone and everywhere.”

“I went for scar removal and a breast lift. Dr Mark and his entire team are out of this world. What a caring Dr he is. To him it has to be done correct the first time. Anything that concerns him he discusses it with the patient. He’s got this “can do attitude”. I remember asking him to do his best. His response was, “I’m looking forward to this operation”. Thank you team Steinmann. You have brought joy and confidence in me.”

“Went for breast lift and tummy tuck. Dr Mark and his team absolutely the best and will highly recommend him, best treatment and very friendly. Very happy with both treatments. No problems with recovery afterwards or real pain.”

“Mark was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He made me feel very comfortable, a genuienly good person. He instilled in me a great deal of confidence for the procedure. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my “boob job”. Mark is exemplary of what a professional should be. Not only does he conduct business with outstanding service and knowledge, he truly cares about the best interest of his clients. I would recommend him any day. Tracey in KZN It is a pleasure to have such an outstanding resource with Tim and his company.”

“Dr Mark Steinmann has magic hands. he is a wonderful doctor and I would highly recommend him to anyone going for a breast augmentation. I could not be happier with my results.”

“Dr Steinmann and his staff are very competent, professional and just overall wonderful. I am extremely happy with the breast augmentation and even more impressed with Dr Mark’s bedside manner and knowledge. I would highly recommend Dr Steinmann to anyone.”

“Dr Mark Steinmann is a terrific surgeon and doctor. He is first of all very personable and charming, and makes one feel comfortable with his gentleness and knowledge. He discusses everything in detail and explains clearly what he will do. On the day of the op, he was there early to chat and settle my nerves. As soon as I came around he was there to check that everything was in order and I was okay. He is very caring, certainly knows what he is doing, and the results of the face lift were wonderful. I recommend him to anyone I know that is considering cosmetic surgery.”

“Hi Gina,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to Dr Mark and his whole team. From the receptionist at the clinic, nurse Janine, nursing sister Tammy, Dr. Toich, the scrub nurse and just everyone was kind, professional and available. 

I have had bad experiences at hospitals before and I really can say that the experience I had with you guys was pleasant and peaceful and I will be sure to recommend you guys should an opportunity present.

Not forgetting of course yourself and the admin team at the office. 

From start to finish the team made an effort to make a quite nervous me feel comfortable.

Look forward to my check up.

See you soon

“Hi everyone.. 

Hope ur doing well. Attached a photo of me with my brother an event this week-end. 

I can finally wear a tight dress with confidence. 

Thanks to Dr Mark & team.. “

Best regards, 


I would like to thank the Dr’s Mark’s team for their professional and friendly service I received during my recent BA I had done.

From the first consultation with Dr Mark, I found his professionalism and “down to earth” mannerism put me at ease straight away.

He was very attentive, and listened to the outcomes and expectations I had.

He was very informative and advised me of the many options used, and which would be the best suited to my body.

Once the booking had been made through Gina, she made sure to let me know exactly what I needed to do once I arrived at the hospital.

Having never been under general anaesthetic before, I was a little nervous as to what to expect, but thanks to the truly excellent anaesthetist that was present, I was totally at ease.

He explained exactly what would happen every step of the way, and even had me giggling right into the theatre room!

The hospital staff were also amazing- Nancy made sure I was kept comfortable during my entire stay.

I am already pleased with the results I have seen 3 days post op, and am looking forward to the follow up consultations during my healing process

I would highly recommend this establishment for all your beauty needs!”

Thanks again,


“Dr Mark is the epitome of professionalism and perfectionism! He is at the very top of his game! Incredible!!! Dr Mark’s overnight facilities and aftercare Staff rival even the best 5 star hotels in South Africa! The nursing staff are compassionate and go out of their way to bend over backwards for you, both at the overnight facility and at the Cure Day Clinic. The anesthetist, Dr William, was also so informative and on the ball! You don’t get stitches neater than this! My sister-in-law and I did our procedures together and it felt like more of a holiday than recovery from surgery! Thank you Dr Mark and Team!”


“Dr Mark is the bestest Dr i have ever met, I had my procedure yesterday and am already loving my new look. Sister Tammy, Sister Ethel and the other sister you guys treated me like a queen. Gina you such a darling, always assuring me that all will be ok. Not forgetting the Anaesthetists thank you for the assurity.

When you walk in Dr Mark’s office you can just immediately know that you are at the right place, their customer centric is beyond this world. I cannot thank you guys enough. I will definitely recommend anyone to Dr Mark Steinmann he is the BESTEST.”


“Yesterday I had my procedure with Dr Mark. I was nervous, excited and emotional all in one. This was a life changing operation(breast reduction) for me and from what I can see so far (between bandages hehe) has exceeded all my expectations. To the anesthetist Dr William (best anesthetist I have ever had!) & all the nurses & staff in the cure day clinic fourways and in Dr Marks rooms thank you – you were all incredible and calming. Last but not least – a huge huge thank you to Dr Mark for being the amazing surgeon you are – you are super talented at what you do and put my mind completely at ease in your capable hands! You have changed my life forever and for that I am so grateful. You have no idea how much impact this will have on my daily life. This has been something I have wanted to do for over 15years!!! So a MASSIVE thank you !

My sister in law and I were in on the same day for different procedures – we had so much fun it felt like a holiday and not a recovery from an operation – BIG shout out to Sister Ethel she was amazing! And our night nurse Sister Pertunia was lovely and helpful! The food and rooms etc are just like being in an hotel!

One of the best days of my life! I would highly highly recommend Dr Mark and his team! 
THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


“I would just like to say a huge thank you to Dr. Mark who helped me with the removal of my implants which were causing problems and had to be removed. The operation was expected to be a quick one but ended up being about 3 hours because of complications. Dr. Mark made sure he did a thorough job and left nothing behind that could possibly cause problems in my body (which is a big concern as I have an autoimmune disease). Even though he was not benefitting financially from doing the procedure he was extremely thorough and so caring throughout the entire process, including post-op visits. All the staff at the practice are amazing and treated me with such care. I am so happy I chose the right doctor and will be forever grateful!”


“A very special thank u to Dr Mark, Gina, Tammy, uncle anesthetic (cant remember name) and nurse Janene for treating me like a queen. So friendly, kind and caring. The best service i have ever received was today from all of u. Thank u so much. A highly recommended world class surgical best staff and doctors.”


“Words could never describe the feeling you get when your dreams have come true.
From the bottom of my heart I dearly thank Dr. Mark and his amazing staff for helping me achieve those dreams.”


“I wanted to take the time to thank Dr. Mark for the way he has helped me to get my skin clear. I have been struggling with acne scaring for almost 12years. Since starting with the therapy my skin has shown such an amazing improvement. My guess is about 30-40% better!!! It has boosted my confidence and as I work with corporate clients on a daily basis, it is vital for my business success to have confidence when approaching clients.  

Dr. Mark, thank you for the way you have devoted yourself to this treatment, and for making such a big difference in my life with this treatment. I can’t wait to see what my skin will look like in a year!”


“Dr. Steinmann is an excellent doctor with great staff. Very professional with a heart of gold.”


“Dr. Steinmann is an amazing surgeon who is very professional and its a delight to be in his hands. Had my surgery yesterday and I am thrilled with the results! thank you”


“Absolutely the best in business. I can refer this guy to anybody! 

Thank you Dr Mark”


“Amazing and 100% happy with the outcome of my surgery! Thank you Dr Mark Steinmann!”


“Bilateral Breast Augmentation

I highly recommend the clinic, Dr Mark and his team. All excellent. All professional.”

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