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Non-Surgical Procedures

The amount of non-surgical cosmetic procedures has dramatically increased worldwide for several reasons. These are useful and sometimes more affordable than surgical methods to restore the youthful appearance of one’s face and body.

These are also useful adjuncts to surgical procedures in the field of plastic surgery. Unfortunately many non-trained professionals use these methods inappropriately or incorrectly that sadly give them a bad reputation. As a fully trained and qualified plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark will appropriately identify the correct procedure for you.


Botox® is a well-known injectable that is used to literally temporarily paralyze certain muscles of the face to restore youthfulness. Dr. Mark uses Botox often in his practice to restore the face naturally, symmetrically and harmoniously. Sometimes referred to as a “chemical brow-lift”, it can make remarkable differences to frown lines, crow’s feet and the appearance and position of the brow. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mark will determine if Botox is the correct procedure for you as sometimes surgical options such as a blepharoplasty can achieve much more desirable effects; and often more affordable, in the long term. Botox is also very effective for excessive sweating under the arms, sweaty hands and feet and is much safer than traditional surgical methods for reducing sweating.


Fillers such as Restylane® and Juvederm® are essentially injectable collagens that are used for lip augmentation, deep wrinkles, dry damaged skin, hollow dark circles under the eyes and deep lines around the mouth. Dr. Mark uses fillers to enhance or restore certain features of the face naturally and avoids an "over-done" look. Tiny molecules of collagen known as hyaluronic acid are essential building blocks of skin and these products can restore balance in tired, sun-damaged and acne-scarred skin.

As injectable collagen fillers are temporary, it gives the patient time to consider fat injections rich in stem cells that are able to deliver permanent results. These fat injections utilize the patient’s own fat, mostly from the tummy, and is a procedure commonly done under local anaesthesia in Dr. Mark’s rooms.

Chemical peels

There are several strengths and formulations of chemical peels available. Often used in conjunction with a facelift, chemical peels can significantly restore the quality and texture of a patient’s skin. Dr. Mark uses several different peels on the market and after evaluating the quality and type of skin, you will be advised on the appropriate one unique to you. The choice of peel also depends on the downtime and recovery period required by each individual patient.

Laser Treatments

Dr. Mark uses fractional laser treatments for the aging face. This laser utilizes the latest advancements in laser technology to target specific areas of the face and is used to tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles and even out skin tone, resulting in youthful, healthier looking skin. It is performed in the rooms under local anaesthesia with minimal recovery time. Usually only one treatment is necessary for the desired result. Laser resurfacing will tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production and can significantly improve the appearance of wrinkles, bags under the eyes, acne scarring and pigmentation problems.

Not all patients are candidate for laser resurfacing and Dr. Mark will analyze your face carefully and determine the best treatment for you.